Saturday, August 3, 2019

Congrats baby Noah on your baptism. It was our pleasure performing at your party.

  On Sunday July 28 2019 we had the pleasure of playing at the Royalton Banquet Hall. We were invited as guests to celebrate baby Noah's baptism. We were also hired as the entertainment for the party.  We had a great time performing some of the jazz standards that are part of our repertoire. The food was great and the music of course  was excellent  because it was performed by us (Talking Midnight).

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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Why hiring a band for your bar or restaurant is a good thing

 Live Entertainment is good for Business: Bars, Restaurants etc..
Picture courtesy of  B. Norton

 If you are a club or bar owner, you should be considering adding some live entertainment to bring in the crowd. Especially for your slow nights or days where business does not want to pick up. Having some sort of attraction can bring people through the door. So investing $300 to $500 in a live band or a comedian or a magician can be a wise investment that can help attract potential customers. Be sure to advertise the attraction on social media websites, google business. Don't forget about good old fashion flyers and posters too. Posting up flyers throughout the town is great way to reach the public. So if you think you can boost your sales by hiring a live band, go ahead and do it! Your pocket book will thank you for it.

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Friday, January 25, 2019

Why you should hire a live band for your wedding

Create a  unforgettable  atmosphere for your wedding reception with live music that your guests will never forget
By Phil La Viola 

 If you want your guest to remember your special big day, nothing beats a dance floor full of party goers burning up the dance floor into the dawn hours of the morning. Music should be a priority when it comes to setting the backdrop for your reception. From the wedding service to the reception, and the newlyweds first dance to the final song. It will be the songs and the music that pushes the night along and  will add a touch of class to those special moments that will turn into memories that people will never forget. Professional live entertainment, made up of truly talented musicians, can be all of that and more. Here are just a few reasons why a live band could be the perfect fit for your wedding day:

 1. It's special  What talented renowned musicians bring to their craft is invaluable, and becoming a rarity. Live improvised solos on any instrument is something your guests will not experience every day.

 2. Imagination and the ability to adapt– In the moment a live band can change the tempo of the song which can alter the  mood of the audience. An upbeat song  can liven up a boring or mundane environment and breathe life back into the party. A slow ballad will bring out all the couples that are in love. 

3. Making a good impression-Not only will it make a special moment for the bride and groom, but for the other guests that are going to become future husband and wife. Making a good impression will generate future customers. If the guest can remember a great band they will keep you in mind when looking to hire a live band for their wedding.

 4. Enthusiasm and the thrill of a great aural experience - A crowd rarely gets to experience the exhilaration of a hot, live performance up close and personal. When they do get a chance to witness it, they are more than likely get up on the dance floor and start moving to the music.

 5. Audience Satisfaction– When the band is having a good time the audience will too. Having a live band also gives the guests something to view - whether they plan on getting up onto the dance floor, or not.

6. Cost –  A small jazz trio to play throughout the reception where you meet and greet your guests and to play through the dinner should cost somewhere between $275 and $500. Cost also depends on how long you want the band to play for. A much larger band that will play for the whole night will run $3000-$5000, but that covers the cost of 5-6 musicians.

7. Audio control – By keeping clients updated multiple times throughout the night, the band can custom the sound levels to their wishes.

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Friday, January 18, 2019

2019 is finally here

As we enter the beginning of January and the start of the New Year 2019 we would like to mention few shout outs to our clientele. Thank you for your businesses and to all the restaurants and venues that made 2018 a successful and busy one. We enjoyed playing and performing as a jazz trio at all of your Christmas parties, fundraisers and corporate events.Without you we would not be here playing the music that we love and enjoy the most. Special thanks to La Taquizza, which was the only Christmas party this year that I performed at without the trio, it was a solo guitar gig. Thank you to all the staff and to Sarah the manager for hiring me. Check out my Instagram links below to view some of the pictures and the video of that night's performance. If you love Mexican food I highly recommend La Taquizza for their great tasting authentic Mexican food. La Taquizza Instagram video and pictures

Talking Midnight would like to wish you all a successful and prosperous year ahead. Happy 2019 and stay tuned for more shows and updates on where Talking midnight will be performing next. Enjoy the video above which is a live show of one of our earlier performances that took place in the spring of 2018. There will be more year in review 2018 highlights to come and I will be posting our video of the 2018 July Canadian music Festival once it is ready.

By Phil La Viola
Talking Midnight Jazz Trio

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